Please note that the Trading Post is a service provided for Campbelltown Clubs and that we do not provide contact details on this page to avoid people being approached by parties who are not affiliated with Campbelltown Netball Association.

This page is used to match players with clubs and to advertise for coaches.  It lists the names of people who have indicated that they would like to play netball for the season. If your club has a place for a player please contact them directly and then send an email to letting us know so that they can be removed from the list.

Players looking for a club should go first to the club contact page.  Players wishing to be added to this page should complete this form.

Clubs wishing to advertise for players, umpires or coaches on this page should complete this form.

Please note that entries on Trading Post will be deleted after 2 weeks.

For further information please contact the Competition Secretary, Sharyn Abdul.

Players Seeking Clubs

The following players have registered an interest in playing. If clubs would like to contact these players the Registrar should contact Sharyn Abdul.


Name Last Name Age group Positions What is your playing experience?
 Madi  Hunt  Senior  GA  10+ years rather a higher division for night comp
Naomi Roberts Junior born 2008 GD School lunch casual play
Kayla Robinson Senior C Played for > 5 years
Leanne Wilson Senior GD Played 20 years ago.
Samantha Amann Senior GA 10+ years playing winter and Summer comps
Sammy Pinto Senior WA 5 years of state netball for Vicroia, 15 years club netball in Melbourne
Shaakira Matthews Senior WA Last played 28 years ago but still love the sport


Clubs seeking Players and Umpires

Players interested in contacting these clubs should contact them directly. Clubs should email when you no longer want your request listed on the website.


Club Name Mobile Email Details