Day Competition 2019

Day Comp in 2019 commenced on 30 March 2019. The march past will be held on this day at 10:0am. Game times will be amended to accommodate the March Past.

Do you want to play netball in 2019 and don't have a team or club? Are you from a club that is looking for new players? Go to our Trading Post page and enter your details or check out the players and clubs currently listed.

For information about this competition contact the Competition Secretary, Sharyn Abdul on 0407 924 973.

Games will be played in 2019 at the following times. 8:30, 9:50. 11:10, 12:10, 1:40 and 3:00pm

Night Competition

Campbelltown Netball Association conducts a night comp from September to November each year.

The competition for 2019 will start on Tuesday 24 September and continue until Tuesday 26 November.

Netball (7 a side) games were played at 7:15 (Juniors) and 8:15 (Seniors and Mixed).

These games are played in an informal atmosphere over 4 x 12-minute quarters.

Each team is to wear the same playing uniform and to provide its own umpire.

The draw for Night Comp will be posted over the weekend.

For information contact the Competition Secretary, Sharyn Abdul on 0407 924 973.

Results and points tables by grade

Each week the latest results and points for each grade will be listed here....